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Massive Radio Collection Sells for Over $98,000 at Cordier Auctions

May 22, 2017
A single-owner radio collection brought over $98,000 at Cordier Auctions in Harrisburg, PA. The sale was held May 6th and 7th, with bidders participating live on day one and both live and online on day two.
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American History Highlighted at Cordier's Spring Antique and Fine Art Auction

May 15, 2017
From a 1950’s Chevy to distinctly American artworks, Cordier’s Spring Antique and Fine Art Auction will take bidders on a historical tour of iconic Americana, with international additions.
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Rare 1960's Figures Stand Out in Cordier's GI Joe Auction

May 12, 2017
With her head turned to the right, as though surveying the medical equipment displayed alongside her in the window box, the nurse in crisp medical whites does not look like the typical combat-ready soldiers normally conjured by the name “GI Joe.” Nonetheless, she was the focus of a battle as bidders competed to win her at Cordier’s April 23 GI Joe Auction.
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Cordier's Spring Firearms Sale Defies National Trends

May 1, 2017
Despite reported decreases in national firearms sales following November’s election, Cordier’s Spring Firearms and Miltiaria Auction saw high turnout and competitive prices across all categories of antique and modern guns.
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Atwater to Zenith: Massive Antique Radio Auction to Cross the Block at Cordier

April 28, 2017
A Zenith Walton Tombstone radio dating to 1938 (est. $1,000 - $1,500) will be among the top lots in a two day auction of antique radios, parts, and accessories presented by Cordier Auctions. The auction will be held at that company’s Harrisburg, PA auction house on May 6 and 7, with bidders also participating online during the second day of the sale.
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Cordier Auctions to Sell Exceptional Single Owner Collection of GI Joe Action Figures

April 10, 2017
Since the 1960’s GI Joe soldiers have been on the front lines of thousands of missions, as Marines, nurses, Mounties, air pilots, snow troopers, and underwater demolition experts, to name a few. On April 23, Cordier Auctions will present these incarnations and many more as it sells a massive single-owner collection of GI Joe figures, uniforms, equipment sets, and vehicles.
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Cordier's March 26 Sale to Feature Rare WWII Flight Jacket

March 10, 2017
Three German crosses decorate the front of the leather flight jacket, each a marker of an enemy aircraft downed by the garment’s former owner, Tech Sargent gunner James F. Byrd of the 305th bomb group “Can Do”.
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Fire Trucks and Ambulances at Cordier's Winter Sale

March 3, 2017
Despite a brief interruption for a medical emergency, Cordier’s Winter Antique and Fine Art Auction attracted top prices for items in a variety of categories on February 11, 2017.
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Fenton Glass Collection Brings Over $22K at Cordier

February 28, 2017
From large table lamps to tiny figurines, over 600 pieces of Fenton glass were sold at Cordier’s February 26 auction in Harrisburg, PA, attracting bidders both in-person and online.
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Old World Meets New School at Cordier’s Winter Antique and Fine Art Auction

February 10, 2017
John Cocteau’s “Picasso de 1916 a 1961” will be among the top lots at Cordier’s Winter Antique and Fine Art Auction. The sale will be held on February 11 at 1500 Paxton Street in Harrisburg,
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