Firearms and Militaria Auction

Antique and Modern, Military, Collectible, Sporting

Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 10:00am

Preview 8 AM through Auction
1500 Paxton Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104

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ANTIQUE:  Turkish Ottoman Empire Flintlock Pistol, C. Sharps Deringer Pepperbox Cal. 22 Model 1C, W. Richards Double Barrel Shotgun, William Moore & Co 12 GA Double Barrel Shotgun, Merwin Hulbert & Co Junior Cal. 22 Rifle, US Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Carbine, 1862 U.S. Springfield Training Musket - .58 Cal, Winchester Model 1873 Cal. 38 Rifle, U.S. Springfield Model 1870 Trapdoor Rifle, H. Pieper Belgian Flobert Cal. 22 Rifle. MILITARY LONG GUNS:  Lee Enfield ( G.R.I Dated 1944 ) Model No 1 MK III, Spanish Mauser Fabrica De Armas Rifle, Terni Carcano Rifle, Amberg I.G. MOD 71/84 Rifle, US M1 Carbine Cal. 30, Eddystone M1917 Enfield Rifle Cal. 30-06, 1940 Finnish Capture Tula Mosin Nagant, 1940 Mauser Model K98 Rifle W/ Waffenamt Codes, U.S. Springfield Model 1903 Cal. 30-06 Rifle, WWII Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Rifle Cal. 7.7x58mm, US Springfield Model 1898 Cal. 30-40 Krag Rifle, Spanish M44 Air Force Mauser Cal. 8 mm,  Springfield M1903 Scarce 25 Round Extension Magazine, French Model 1892 Bertheir Carbine Cal. 7.5mm. MILITARY HANDGUNS:  1914 Dated Erfurt Luger Cal. 9mm, Norwegian 11.25 mm Automatic Pistol M/1914. COLLECTIBLE:  Winchester M1892 John Wayne Centennial High Grade Rifle, Uberti M1873 Battle of Little Bighorn Cal. 44-40 Rifle, Browning Model 65 High Grade Limited Edition Rifle, Whitetail Deer Hunter Tribute Browning Shotgun, Limited Edition NRA Charles Daly 1892 Takedown Rifle, Limited Edition Browning Model 1886 Cal. 45-70 GOVT Rifle, The U.S. Marine Corps Commemorative Thompson.
LONG GUNS: Rifles: Winchester, Browning, Savage, Henry Repeating Arms, J.C. Higgins, Remington, Marlin.  Shotguns: Harrington & Richardson, Remington, Ithaca, Stevens, Mossberg, Winchester. HANDGUNS: Davis Industries, Ravens Arms, Harrington & Richardson, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Taurus, Cobra, Iver Johnson. EDGED WEAPONS:  Antique Indian Nepalease Jade Handle Kukri Dagger, 1907 US Presentation Sword, WWII Era German SA Dagger, US M1873 Springfield 45-70 Trapdoor Socket Bayonet, 18th Century Indian Gauntlet Sword-Patar, World War II German Mauser K98 Bayonet W/ Scabbard, RAD Enlisted Mans Hewer by Carl Julius Krebs, US Model 1918 Trench knife by LF&C with scabbard, Ames M1860 Cavalry Saber W/ Scabbard,  WW2 Japanese  Arisaka Bayonets. KNIFE COLLECTION: 100+ Lots . Fixed Blade and Folding Knives. Case XX Pocket & Hunting Knives Store Counter Display Showcases, Large Case XX Pocket & Hunting Knives Store Display Showcase W/ Samples.  Case incl. Hatchet knife combo, Tested, XX, Dots and newer. stag ,bone handled and more. Remington bullet, Schrade and others! MILITARY COLLECTIBLES: Civil War Coat of Arms for George W. Brown, Printed and Hand Calligraphed Civil War Record for George W. Brown, German WW2 Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge, WWI US Army Captain's Infantry Tunic, WWII Aircrew Survival Equipmentman Dress Jacket, Vintage US Army Signal Corps Binoculars & WWI Maps, Vintage WW2 Pacific Theater Photo Collection, United States Ordnance Collection. ART:  Mort Kunstler “ Moonlight and Magnolias” Signed & Numbered Print,  Mort Kunstler “While the Enemy Rests” Signed & Numbered Print,  Mort Kunstler “Dilger at Gettysburg” Signed & Numbered Print. OTHER:   M.C. Lisle & Co. Burglar Alarm Gun, Spanish Jousting Suit of Armor.

Applicable Buyer’s Premium. Terms: Cash, PA checks. Out of state checks w/ prior approval. All major credit cards accepted. Food concession. Located off of Interstate 83 between 13th Street and 17th Street exits.