Firearms and Militaria Auction

Firearms and Militaria Auction

Antique and Modern Firearms, Sporting, Collectible, Militaria

Sunday, July 29, 2018 - 10:00am

Preview 8 AM through Auction
1500 Paxton Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104


ANTIQUE:  Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver Cal. 31, Manhattan Fire Arms Series II Navy Type Revolver,  U.S. Springfield M1884 Trapdoor Rifle W/ Bayonet, Winchester Model 1873 Cal. 38, “Zulu" Trapdoor 12 GA. Shotgun, HY Tolley 12 GA. Double Barrel Shotgun, Janssen Son & Co 12 GA. Double Barrel Shotgun, Belgian Flobert Single Shot Cal. 22 Rifle, T. Parker Double Barrel 12 GA. Shotgun, U.S. Springfield M1878 Trapdoor Rifle W/ Bayonet, 19th C Kentucky  A.H. Armstrong Rifle Cal. 40, W.C. Scott & Son Double Barrel 12 GA Shotgun, U.S. Springfield M1884 Trapdoor Rifle, 1862 U.S. Springfield Training/Dummy Musket, C.G. Bonehill Double Barrel 12 GA. Shotgun. MILITARY LONG GUNS:  Sportized Eddystone Model of 1917 Cal. 30-06, Sportized Winchester Model of 1917 Cal. 30-06, Yugoslavian SKS M59/66 Cal. 7.62x39, Deactivated Bren MKII Light Machine Gun Cal. 303, Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Cal. 7.62x54R, Czech VZ-24 Mauser Rifle by BRNO Cal. 8mm, British Enfield No. 5 MKI(F) Jungle Carbine, British Lee Enfield B.S.A.Co SHT LE III Cal. 303, British Lee Enfield MA Lithgow S.M. LE II Cal. 303, British Lee Enfield RFI 2A1 Cal. 7.62x51mm, U.S. Property  Enfield No. 4 MKI  Cal. 303 British, Waffen-Werke Brünn AG Mod 98 Mauser Cal. 8mm, Yugoslavian Zastava M48A Mauser Cal. 8mm, French Berthier Mle M16 Carbine W/ Bayonet, Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant W/ Hex Receiver, Winchester Model of 1917 Cal. 30-06, Soviet M91/30 Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle, World War II Springfield M1 Garand Cal. 30-06, Rare Iranian Model 1949 Carbine Cal.  8mm Mauser, Finnish VKT M39 Mosin Nagant Cal. 7.62x54R, Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Cal. 7.7mm, Swiss Schmidt Rubin K31 Rifle - 7.5 Swiss Cal., US Springfield Model 1898 Cal. 30-40 Krag. MILITARY HANDGUNS:  Japanese Type 14 Nambu Pistol Cal. 8mm, Mauser Model C96 "Red Nine" Broomhandle Pistol, Smith & Wesson US Army Model 1917 Cal. 45, JP Sauer & Sohn Suhl Model 38H Cal. 7.65mm/.32 ACP, Russian M1895 Nagant Cal. 7.623x38R Revolver, Enfield MK I No 2 British Military Revolver, Webley Mark V Cal. 455 British Military Revolver, Colt Official Police Model 38-200 Revolver, World War II Walther PP Police Cal. 7.65 mm. COLLECTIBLE:  Winchester American Bald Eagle Gold Model, Sequential Pair-American Bald Eagle Silver Models, Francotte Special Order Engraved Knock About Gun. LONG GUNS: Rifles: Winchester, Thompson Center Arms, Savage, Valmet, Stevens, Iver Johnson, Ruger, Marlin, Remington, Ithaca. Shotguns: Ithaca, Remington, Browning, Stevens, Springfield, Ranger, Sears & Roebuck, Harrington & Richardson, Mossberg. HANDGUNS:  Bersa, Harington & Richardson, Colt, High Standard, National Arms Co, Ruger, Dan Wesson, Competition Arms Inc, Thompson Center Arms, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Beretta. EDGED WEAPONS:  Rare Chinese Armed Police Retractable Knife, US Model 1918 Trench knife by LF&C, Japanese Type 32 1899 Pattern NCO Gunto Sword, WWII Japanese Army NCO Shin-Gunto Katana, WW2  Japanese Type 30 Bayonet W/ Metal Scabbard, WW2 German Army Officer's Dagger- WKC Solingen, Danish Model 1867 Yataghan Bayonet First Model, German M1898/05 Butcher Bayonet W/ Scabbard, Swiss M1918 Bayonet-Waffenfabrik Neuhausen,  Utica Cutlery U.S. M1 Garand Bayonet & Scabbard, Winchester Model 1917  Enfield Bayonet w/ Scabbard, WWII Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonets. KNIFE COLLECTION:  500+ Pcs. Fixed blade and folding knives. Case incl. machete, Tested, XX, Lightning “S”, Dots and newer. Stag, bone handled and more. MILITARY COLLECTIBLES:  U.S. Military Patches Collection, Native American Arrowhead Collection, Rare Harrington & Richardson MK1 British Flare Gun, Rare USS Oklahoma Battleship General Directions, World War II German Militaria (medals, tinnies,  pins, buttons, insignia), Named WWII U.S. NCO Medical Corps Footlocker. ART: Antique Pre-WWI German Shooting Trophy Award, Duck Hunting Decoys, Carl Forslund Carved Wooden Folk Art Birds, Signed Prints by Paul McGehee/Don Stevens/Ned Smith, Brown Trout Fly Fishing Painting. OTHER:  Duck Boat W/ Walt Disney Provenance, Rare Daisy No. 104 Double Barrel BB Gun, 1,000 Pcs Military Challenge Coins, Custom Handmade WW2 Willys MB Jeep Go-Kart.

Applicable Buyer’s Premium. Bid Live or Online. Terms: Cash, PA checks. Out of state checks w/ prior approval. All major credit cards accepted. Food concession. Located off Interstate 83 between 13th Street and 17th Street exits.