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Antique Radio Classified Coverage of Cordier's May 6 and 7 Radio Auction

June 7, 2017
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Antique Radio Classified

Massive Radio Collection Sells for Over $98,000 at Cordier Auctions

May 22, 2017
A single-owner radio collection brought over $98,000 at Cordier Auctions in Harrisburg, PA. The sale was held May 6th and 7th, with bidders participating live on day one and both live and online on day two.



The auction contained an astounding number of radios and accessories, all from the collection of one dedicated enthusiast. A Scott Philharmonic Version 1 in a Warrington 84 Cabinet was the top lot of the collection, bringing $2,360 after some heavy competition. The floor model radio dates to the 1930’s.


Other floor consoles also drew bidders, with a 1940 Zenith bringing $1,888 and a beautifully decorated 1929 Zenith console selling for $1,298. 


A remake of Lancaster, PA network WGAL’s 1923 broadcasting station stood out among the equipment offered. Created by Lloyd Jury using period parts, the station was modeled after the original by Jacob Mathiot and included paperwork as well as related photos and information. It sold to a Pennsylvania bidder for $1,888.


Table top radios were the subject of fierce competition on both days, with top lots including a 1938 Zenith Waltons Tombstone radio ($2,242) and an Emerson Catalin Tombstone radio ($1,652). A grouping of five table top radios including a Cadet sold for $1,416 on the first day of the sale.


Radio tubes from various manufacturers (many in the original boxes) were offered, including dozens of rare examples. Of note was a 1909 DeForest Audion tube in a display case, which brought $944. A 1939 Western Electric Pentode tube in the original box sold for $649.


Prices quoted above include a 15% buyer’s premium.

American History Highlighted at Cordier's Spring Antique and Fine Art Auction

May 15, 2017
From a 1950’s Chevy to distinctly American artworks, Cordier’s Spring Antique and Fine Art Auction will take bidders on a historical tour of iconic Americana, with international additions.


The auction, to be held at the company’s Harrisburg, PA auction house, will feature a number of fine artworks as well as antique and mid-century furniture, jewelry, and collectibles. A 1957 restored Chevrolet Bel Air is among the larger items to be offered. Expected to sell for between $15,000 to $20,000, the garage kept car was shown for years at the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum in Hershey, PA, among others.


An oil on board depicting a pair of palm trees (est. $1,000 - $1,200) stands as a cultural touchstone in the May 20th sale. The painting was created by Harold Newton, a founding member of the Florida Highwaymen. The famous collective made a living selling their art during a time when racial segregation severely limited the opportunities available to African American artists.


Other standout pieces of art include an oil on canvas by Jere Hardy Allen (est. $1,000 - $1,500), one of several pieces by that artist to be offered, as well as a portrait attributed to British artist Thomas Parkinson, 1744 - 1789. The portrait (est. $1,000 - $2,000) depicts astronomer and mathematician Joseph Dymond, who assisted in a 1768 expedition to Hudson Bay, Canada, to observe the Transit of Venus.


A striking 19th century mahogany Regina style 50 double comb music player and cabinet will also be offered, and is expected to bring $2,000 to $4,000 at auction. The player was patented in the early years of Regina’s company history, within the decade after the company moved to America from Leipzig, Germany.


Another featured lot, the 1924 Steinway ebony-case Model B grand piano (est. $5,000 - $7,000) brings to mind Gatsby’s America. The Steinway company was founded in New York City in the late 1800’s, and is still considered the world’s preeminent piano maker.


A 14K Victorian slide chain bracelet from the 19th century is among the highlighted jewelry lots, with an expected sale price of $800 - $1,200.  35 lots of sterling will also cross the block, including a Wallace Grand Baroque dinner service, estimated at $1,500 to $2,000.


A collection of over 150 DuraNotes are expected to draw bidders’ attention. The DuraNote was a synthetic bank note created in the 1990’s by Mobil Chemical and AGRA Vadeko of Canada. The notes offered advanced counterfeit protection and were reported to last four times longer than conventional rag  paper notes. Test notes were printed for 21 countries, but trials were not successful and the program was discontinued.


The sale is to be the second of four Antique and Fine Art Auctions to be held by Cordier in 2017. The quarterly sales attract bidders both live and online, with a full online catalog available at  Live previews will be held on May 19th from 10 AM to 4 PM, and May 20th from 8 AM throughout the auction.

1957 Chevy
Harold Newton
Victorian 14K Cameo
Wallace Grand Baroque

Rare 1960's Figures Stand Out in Cordier's GI Joe Auction

May 12, 2017
With her head turned to the right, as though surveying the medical equipment displayed alongside her in the window box, the nurse in crisp medical whites does not look like the typical combat-ready soldiers normally conjured by the name “GI Joe.” Nonetheless, she was the focus of a battle as bidders competed to win her at Cordier’s April 23 GI Joe Auction.



The auction featured hundreds of GI Joe action figures, many of them, like the nurse, in the original boxes. All came from the same single-owner collection. The 1967 nurse was the highlight of the auction, hammering down to a bidder online for $4,200. A second nurse without the original box sold for $1,300.


In total, over 400 lots were sold, including a 1969 GI Joe Aquanaut in the original box, which brought $1,400, and a 1966 GI Joe Action Soldier Green Beret, which sold for $1,200. Overall, the highest performing items were all from GI Joe’s early days.


Hasbro introduced the GI Joe line in 1964. In response to the then commonly held belief that boys should not play with dolls, the company used the term “action figure” in its marketing. The turn of phrase, and the toys themselves, grew to be so iconic that GI Joe was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, NY, in 2003.


Other high points of the sale included a 1964 GI Joe Black Action Soldier, one of the first toys of its kind to be marketed specifically to African American children. Mint in the original box, it hammered down for $850.


The sale was held at the company’s Harrisburg, PA, auction house, with bidders participating both live and online. Prices quoted above are all hammer prices.

GI Nurse
GI Joe Aquanaut
GI Joe Green Beret
GI Joe Black Action Soldier

Cordier's Spring Firearms Sale Defies National Trends

May 1, 2017
Despite reported decreases in national firearms sales following November’s election, Cordier’s Spring Firearms and Miltiaria Auction saw high turnout and competitive prices across all categories of antique and modern guns.

The auction was held on March 26 at the company’s Harrisburg, PA auction house, with bidders competing from all over the world through the live online catalog.


The top performers of the auction were all semi-automatic machine guns, consigned by a private collector, including a TNW Model MG-34 ($4,400) and a BREN MK II ($3,900). Also included in that category were a Keeter Creek DPM-28 semi-auto ($2,800) and a TNW M1919 A4/A6 ($2,300).  


In military collectibles, a rare, soldier-identified WWII A-2 flight jacket and bomber shearling cap sparked heated competition, finally selling to an internet bidder for $2,300. The jacket belonged to Tech Sergeant Gunner James F Byrd of the 305th bomb group “Can Do.” It was decorated across the front with a patch for the 422nd Bomb Squadron, as well as with three German crosses, each designating downed enemy aircraft.


Military firearms were highlighted by a Winchester M-1 Carbine ($1,100) and a Rockola M-1 Carbine ($950). A Springfield M1A rifle in 7.62 NATO brought $1,100, while a two US Springfield M-1 Garands sold for $1,200 and $1,100, respectively. A Romanian PSL Marksman Rifle led the way in foreign military long arms, selling for $1,100.


Colts continued to produce strong sales results, with a Colt Python Revolver bringing $1,800 and a Colt Model 1908 hammerless pistol selling for $1,300. Also sold were a Colt SA Army 3rd Generation Revolver ($1,200), a Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver ($1,100), and a reproduction Colt Texas Patterson Revolver in a display case ($1,000).


Winchesters also did well, represented by Winchester model 70 rifles in .250-3000, .257 Roberts, and .375 H&H Magnum that sold for $1,600, $1,400, and $1,100 respectively. A vintage model 1886 in .33 W.C.F. hammered down at $1,300, while a model 94 Chief Crazy Horse Commemorative sold for $700.  


The auction was the first of three Firearms and Militaria Auctions Cordier has scheduled in 2017.

Colt Python
Winchester Pre-64 Rifle

Atwater to Zenith: Massive Antique Radio Auction to Cross the Block at Cordier

April 28, 2017
A Zenith Walton Tombstone radio dating to 1938 (est. $1,000 - $1,500) will be among the top lots in a two day auction of antique radios, parts, and accessories presented by Cordier Auctions. The auction will be held at that company’s Harrisburg, PA auction house on May 6 and 7, with bidders also participating online during the second day of the sale.



The auction contains an astounding number of radios and accessories, all from the collection of one dedicated enthusiast. Along with the Zenith, an Emerson Catalin (est. $600 - $800) is expected to lead the tabletop radio lots.


A large number of accessories and equipment will also be sold, including some from the very early days of radio and telecommunications. Four Atwater Kent breadboards (est. $500 - $1,000 each) in particular are expected to draw heavy interest. A Federal Type 59 receiver (est. $500 - $700) and a Grebe CR8 Synchrophase receiver (est. $500 - $700) each date to the early 1920’s.


A remake of Lancaster, PA network WGAL’s 1923 broadcasting station stands out among the equipment to be offered. Created by Lloyd Jury using period parts, the station is modeled after the original by Jacob Mathiot and includes paperwork as well as related photos and information.


Over 13,000 radio tubes from various manufacturers (many in the original boxes) will be offered, including dozens of rare examples. Of note are four Western Electric 274A full wave rectifiers (est. $600 - $900 each) and 20+ Western Electric globe and dome tubes.


Ephemera and advertising from the halcyon days of radio will be offered, including Radiotron and General Electric advertising dolls, collections of vintage magazine advertisements, Nipper figures, and more.


The auction will be spread across two days. Saturday, the first day of the sale, will consist of over 500 uncataloged lots of radios, parts, accessories, and ephemera, including many large lots and radio groupings.

Atwater Kent Breadboard
Zenith Walton Tombstone
Emerson Catalin
Radio Advertising Dolls
Radio Tubes

Cordier Auctions to Sell Exceptional Single Owner Collection of GI Joe Action Figures

April 10, 2017
Since the 1960’s GI Joe soldiers have been on the front lines of thousands of missions, as Marines, nurses, Mounties, air pilots, snow troopers, and underwater demolition experts, to name a few. On April 23, Cordier Auctions will present these incarnations and many more as it sells a massive single-owner collection of GI Joe figures, uniforms, equipment sets, and vehicles.

The collection features a number of rare 1960’s figures in the original boxes, including a GI Nurse, expected to bring between $3,000 and $5,000. A 1960’s black Action Soldier #7900 (est $1,000 - $2,000) and a Sears black Fantastic Freefall #7905 (est $1,000 - $2,000) are also expected to be among the top lots of the sale. Altogether, over 50 boxed figures will be offered.


In addition, the collection encompasses over 50 equipment and uniform sets in the original boxes, including an Action Pilot Air Cadet #7822 ($500 - $700), an Action Soldier Landing Signal Officer #7621 ($300 - $500), an Action Sailor Annapolis Cadet #7624 ($400 - $800), and a White Tiger Hunt #7436 ($200 - $400).


In total, over 400 lots of 1960’s,1970’s, and later action figures and accessories will be sold, as well as commemorative, anniversary, and limited edition items.


Hasbro introduced the GI Joe line in 1964. As it was then considered socially unacceptable for boys to play with dolls, the company used the term “action figure” in their marketing, a phrase that has since become ubiquitous. So iconic did these toys become that GI Joe was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, NY, in 2003.


The auction will be held at the company’s auction house at 1500 Paxton Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, however bidders will also be participating live online. A complete catalog of the collection will be available at on April 7. Live previews for the sale will be held on Friday, April 21, from 12-4 PM; Saturday, April 22 from 9 AM to 3 PM; and the day of the auction from 9 AM through the sale.

GI Joe
GI Joe
GI Joe
GI Joe
GI Joe

Cordier's March 26 Sale to Feature Rare WWII Flight Jacket

March 10, 2017
Three German crosses decorate the front of the leather flight jacket, each a marker of an enemy aircraft downed by the garment’s former owner, Tech Sargent gunner James F. Byrd of the 305th bomb group “Can Do”.

The jacket, together with a bomber shearling cap, associated photos, and B-29 gunner’s manual, is estimated to bring between $2,000 to $3,000. The rare WWII artifact is just one of the top lots at Cordier’s March 26 Firearms and Militaria Auction, to be held at the company’s auction house in Harrisburg, PA.

The auction will feature antique and modern handguns, including an Enfield 1884 Mark II revolver ($1,200 - $1,500) and an E. Whitney 2nd Model 4th Type revolver ($600 - $800). In modern handguns, Colts are expected to draw heavy bidding, with a Colt Python revolver ($2,000 - $2,500), a Colt SA Army revolver ($900 - $1,200), and a Colt Model 1908 hammerless pistol ($1,000 - $1,200) leading the pack.

Fine antique long guns, including a Sharps .50-70 conversion rifle ($1,500 - $2,000) and a Winchester 1886 rifle in .33 WCF caliber ($1,000 - $1,500) are also sure to draw attention from bidders.

Military long guns are highlighted by several semiautomatic rifles including a TNW Model 1919 in .30 caliber ($2,500 - $3,500) and a TNW Model RG34 ($3,000 - $4,000), as well as a BREN MK II ($3,000 - $4,000). In military handguns, features include a Remington Rand 1911A1 pistol ($1,000 - $1,400) and a Mauser Banner P.08 Luger dated 1940 ($1,500 - $2,000).

In addition to the WWII A-2 flight jacket, military collectors will find a superb WWI 29th Division uniform grouping ID’d to Corporal Raymond E. Platts, originally of York, PA ($800 - $1,000), and items from the Civil War, Vietnam, and both World Wars. Edged weapons will include a Japanese WWII era Samurai sword with a signed tang ($600 - $1,000).

Bidders will be able to compete on a full range of modern long guns, which will feature a Winchester Model 23 XTR Pigeon Grade SXS shotgun ($1,000 - $1,500) and a Winchester pre-64 Model 70 rifle ($1,000 - $1,500). A Browning Auto-5 Sweet Sixteen shotgun in 16 gauge ($800 - $1,200) will also cross the block.

Also of interest are hunting and collector’s items, including numerous duck decoys from crafters including John Bede, Clay Bunting, Roe “Duc-Man” Terry, and others, with estimates up to $400. A reproduction suit of Medieval style armor made by Armadura ($500 - $700) is a stand-out in the collectible category.

WWI A-2 Flight Jacket
Medieval Reproduction Armor
Bren Semi-Auto
Colt Python

Fire Trucks and Ambulances at Cordier's Winter Sale

March 3, 2017
Despite a brief interruption for a medical emergency, Cordier’s Winter Antique and Fine Art Auction attracted top prices for items in a variety of categories on February 11, 2017.

A bidder collapsed mid-way through the sale, but the quick thinking of a fellow attendant halted the auction so that EMT’s could be called. After they wheeled the then-conscious man out, to relieved applause from the room, the auction continued unabated. The stricken bidder continued to participate in the sale remotely.


A 19th century tinplate and wood toy fire pumper exceeded expectations to become the top lot of the auction, finally selling to a buyer on the floor for $33,000 after extensive competition between live, phone, and absentee bidders.


Also garnering great attention was a cast bronze signed by Isidore-Jules Bonheur (French, 1827-1901) and bearing the Hippolyte Peyrol foundry mark. The finely chased casting was expected to become one of the forerunners of the sale, and finally achieved $23,000 to an enthusiastic phone bidder. Another featured lot, a life size portrait of 18th century royal Marie Leszczynska, was won by a bidder online for $10,000.


A massive Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company (London) 204 troy ounce sterling silver tray was among the top performing lots in the silver and jewelry category, hammering down at $7,500. A platinum and 2.2 carat diamond solitaire ring also performed well in that category, selling for $6,500.  A Leica Black M6 camera with accessories was the top selling lot in collectibles, bringing $4,700.


In artwork, a charcoal sketch on paper by Violet Oakley (American, 1874-1961), which had been passed down to the consignor by a grandmother who had been friends with the artist, sold for $5,000. Known for her mural and illustration work, Oakley completed one of her most significant commissions in 1902, "The Creation and Preservation of the Union" which consisted of a series of large murals for the walls of the Governor's Reception Room in the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


A copy of Cocteau Picasso de 1916 – 1961 Editions du Rocher brought $4,200, while a large canvas piece measuring 85-1/2" x 92" by Phillip Wofford (American, B. 1935) titled “The Tattooed Man” sold for $3,600.


Furniture and rugs also performed well, with a Jacob and Bernard Hendel Carlisle tall case clock selling for $4,000 and a beautiful Persian room size rug bringing $4,100. A French revival Louis XV style inlaid table and chairs brought $3,000.


The sale was the first of four quarterly Antique and Fine Art catalog auctions to be held by Cordier Auctions and Appraisals in 2017. The highly anticipated sales attract bidders both across the country and internationally. Cordier Auction has already begun curating their next Antique and Fine Art Auction, to be held in May of 2017.

Fire Pumper
Lifesize Portrait
204 Troy Ounce Sterling

Fenton Glass Collection Brings Over $22K at Cordier

February 28, 2017
From large table lamps to tiny figurines, over 600 pieces of Fenton glass were sold at Cordier’s February 26 auction in Harrisburg, PA, attracting bidders both in-person and online.

The collection brought in a total of over $22,600. Stand-out lots included a Fenton Panda carved cameo vase, numbered 5 of 350, which sold for $440. A Fenton Burmese Epergne, one of many beautiful centerpieces to be featured in the sale, brought $350.

Also attracting competition were 11 Fenton Glass Logo Plaques ($320) and a Burmese Roses gone with the wind lamp in the original box ($290). A hand-painted custard scenic lamp numbered 354 of 950 sold for $260.